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Monday, March 11, 2013

Land of the Lost - Issue No. 007: Airport Graveyard

Making this a regular series on my blog has been difficult.  My last post was early last year when we looked at some Yugoslavian Monuments That Look Like They're From The Future

For those not familiar with my "Land of the Lost" series, I cover anything from photographers who almost vanished to abandoned cities, highways, and naval ships.

Today's issue is about an airport graveyard located in Russia.

Airport graveyards are few and far between.  Most airplanes are reduced to scrap metal or sold for parts, which is why I found this Russian airport fascinating.

Located in the city of Ussuriysk, you will find the Vozdvizhenka Air Base.  There on the empty tarmacs and hangars you will find military aircraft "carcasses" as described by this Russian website.  

Empty shells of what once was.

Luckily for me there is "Google Translate".  I have included the translated text with the cool photos below.  Check them out.

Metal creaking in the wind and birds singing on tarmac and earth caponiers - is today the once powerful and militant aviagarnizon "Vozdvizhenka". More specifically, the former 444-th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment.

History Bomber Regiment began July 5, 1941 on the Big Khabarovsk airport, July 22, he was given the name "444 long-range Bomber Aviation Regiment", and August 15, 1943 the regiment was handed Battle Banner.  Then there was the Great Patriotic War and the war with Japan. Crews Regiment bombers IL-4 clearly performed the task. After the war, some relocated to Korea, which stood until 1948, and then returned to the Maritime forever. In the 1950-1960-s staff mastered the Tu-4, B-25, Tu-16.

In the last type of aircraft, "Exaltation" regiment flew to the end of 1980, not having received the new TU-22, which in 1969 had to replace outdated Tu-16.

Finally, in November 1990, pilots began retraining for Tu-22M3. The first Tu-22M3 overtaken November 19, 1990 The first flight of the Tu-22M3 made February 18, 1991 the crew of Lieutenant Colonel D. Sigarev, majors VG Pukhov, V. Wetzel and GA Koshevarova.

The Tu-22M3 flights to Vozdvizhenka actively continued until 2007, then began to attack a gradual decrease, and finally to "destroy" regiment of the current military reform. Some planes ferried to Siberia, and the remaining in Primorye carefully dismantled. Moreover, any expert it is clear that here the "dismantling" with fighting vehicles took place in polushtatnom mode.

Moreover, any expert it is clear that here the "dismantling" with fighting vehicles took place in polushtatnom mode.From the "carcasses" not only lifted radar, engine, cabin equipment and feed shooting settings, but the entire surface of the fuselage turbine cut square holes, which will not allow the bombers will never ascend to the sky. This is done to reduce the strength of the airframe and planes. Now these machines are completely unfit for combat.
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Now these machines are completely unfit for combat.Dismantling was carried out with torches and turbinok - in the cockpit and aircraft engine nacelles can be found unmade used discs.

The only man in camouflage, without insignia, which monitors the procedure at the airport, who asked not to be named, is proud to announce that the "coming soon special equipment, which in the two accounts of shredded decommissioned aircraft", because "they are outdated and do not be able to fly. " According to him, "Russia a peaceful country, and it is necessary to develop relations with its neighbors in a peaceful manner." Probably standing forlornly, shredded Tu-22 is exactly that - a "peace-key".

Read and watch a report with all the details are here: here (3 military airfield, underground factory, and more)
 The text prepared by the commander of the NGO "Aviapoisk" - Jaroslav Lebanese.

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