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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting Sucks!

And yes, it truly does! 

HBO is having a hell of a time teasing us, by featuring 30 second clips of the 4th season of True Blood, it's almost downright annoying! Ugh!   

Earlier this month, they released the 30 second spot of Eric wandering around the forest like he had amnesia or something.  But this time around, they have my favorite hottie, Jason Stackhouse, lying on a bed, badly beaten, and bloody.  

Something tells me Crystal's fiance did this.  And something else tells me, Jason is going to become a shape-shifter.

OMG - Waiting Sucks!!!

OMG Hilarious! - The Ladies

Have Stupid Parents?

LMAO - love it! Move out, Get A Job, Pay Your Own Bills.

Get My Money Back!!!

If Cazwell had you craving ice cream after watching his "Ice Cream Truck" video, then he'll probably have you stripping for money in his latest video, "Get My Money Back."  Check out the hot video from our hot, gay, rappper below:

You Just Made Another Teen A Millionaire

While all of you were making fun of 13-yr-old Rebecca Black last week for her song, "Friday," she was slowly counting each .70 cent download from iTunes and laughing her way to the bank.   So while we continue to spread her video which went viral last week, she is amassing her millions according to Forbes.com.  She currently sits at #45 on the iTunes Top Singles chart.

The Ark Music Factory, an LA-based production company who asks for 1,000 or 2,000 dollars from your mommy or daddy, puts together a piece of crap song and video for you, with the hope your little bundle of joy will become rich.  Well, guess what?  You have done that for little Rebecca Black.

So while all of you folks that continue to bash her as seen in the YouTube comments below...
LinokuStar 4 seconds ago
  • u have been kidding me this so fuking sad...... (which seat can i have... there's only one seat u can have u retard and your friends are like 12 they cant drive!!!! (yesterday was thursday and frinday we know u retard we know our days!!!!!!!!!! fuking idiot
ExtenZeOverDoes 4 seconds ago
  • nice.
oxygenisweird 7 seconds ago
  • baaaaaad!!!!bad!!bad!!
1997kurdishgirl 9 seconds ago
  • i think a 5 year old wrote this song :)
XxJaclynxX333 11 seconds ago
  • I am paid to attention once. !!!!!!!!
1wsuret4 12 seconds ago
  • You're really talented !!! It's funny =D
HiindouuJonas 15 seconds ago
  • this is terribile...
therunnerissofast 16 seconds ago

...she continues to laugh back at you, and fortunately for her, will eventually sit on a balcony from her Beverly Hills mansion as you struggle with your miserable life every day.

Geez thank God, Ryan and I are happy. LOLI need to contact this Ark Factory.

Mind-Boggling News: Pole Dancing For Jesus

Only in Texas, and in a town only 5 seconds from where Ryan and I live, in Old Town Spring, women are pole dancing for Jesus.

Yesterday, CNN, courtesy of our local station, ABC13, featured a story on this very topic.  Set to Christian music, church-going women spin and slither around poles, as you can see in the video below.  But the instructor and the students say it's not about sex.

"God gives us these bodies and they are suppose to be our temples and we are suppose to take care of them and that's what we are doing," instructor Crystal Dean said.

Ahem, Crystal, I don't think he meant to ride a pole, like a stripper on Friday night.  But for all those ladies who are interested, the instructor doesn't charge you on Sundays, because she don't believe on making a profit on the Lord's day.

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