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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Angry Notes From Neighbors

My guess is... you should probably never piss off your neighbors.  I'm going to assume that none of these signs were posted in Texas homes.  Texans would shoot your ass if you posted a note like this.  Well a majority of them anyway. LOL.  Need I remind you what neighbors did to our Obama signs?

Check out these angry notes from neighbors.  I'd say some are a bit cruel.

There's 10 more after the jump..

A Very Special Moment - Issue #7: My Son & His "Roommate" Invited Me To Dinner

OMG, I absolutely love this!  I definitely had to post it as "A Very Special Moment" on my blog.  The story is courtesy of Facebook friend, Kyle Ryan Palmer, who posted it on his newsfeed this morning.

Oh, how I love Mothers!  They are undeniably the best at EVERYTHING!!!!  And so very cunning too!

Check out the story below.
A Mom went to have dinner with her son who lives with his roommate.

During the course of the meal, his mother couldn't help but notice how handsome his roommate was. She had been suspicious about her sons sexuality but being a good mother she felt that he would let her know if and when the time was right but seeing the two together just made her more curious.

Over the course of the evening, while watching the interaction between the two she wondered even more if there was more here than meets the eye. Her son, sensing his mothers watchfully eye volunteered, "really Mom, I can tell what you're thinking and you can just get it out of your mind, we are just roommates and nothing more".

About a week later the roommate remarked, "ever since your mother was here the silver serving platter has been missing, do you think she took it?"

He responded, "Well I'm sure she didn't but I will email her and ask just to be sure" he sat down and wrote:

Hey Mom,
I'm not saying you did take the silver platter from the house and I am not saying you didn't take it but the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner.
Your Son.

A couple days later he got a response from his mother:

Dear Son,
I am not saying that you do sleep with your roommate and I am not saying that you don't sleep with him and you know I love you and could care less either way but the fact remains that if he was sleeping in his own bed he would have found the platter under his pillow.
When are the two of you coming for dinner?



Cyanide and Happiness: Pizza

Laugh of the Day: Human Chair Scare Prank

LOL.  This prank was previously done on the Today Show on NBC, but magician, Rich Ferguson thought it would be hilarious to try it at the Kreuzberg Cafe in San Luis Obispo, California.

From Magic and Mentalism to Pranks and Products, Rich Ferguson's YouTube Channel is a blast. We'll share tons of tricks, pranks, performances and creative projects that will blow your mind!

The Lovely 29 States That Can Fire You For Being Gay

Yep, and my lovely state of Texas if one of them.  I look at this sea of red and can't figure out why these state legislatures would allow this to happen.  I have my theories, but there are not enough curse words in the English or Spanish language to voice my frustration.

Thankfully, employers make their own decisions in our state.  And while M.D. Anderson doesn't provide health insurance for our spouses, they do support the GLBT community.  Now, Ryan's bank, on the other hand, provides domestic partner benefits, and this is across the board - all over the U.S. 

I honestly believe that if conservatives and republicans could find a way, they would make it illegal to be Gay.  I honestly believe that. They hate us that much.

via upworthy

Things We Can Do To Save The Environment - Issue No. 16 - Pay Your Bills Online

I bet you didn't know that by paying your bills online you're helping the environment.  Think about it.  Every time you get a bill in the mail, your statement is printed on 1 to 6 sheets of paper.  Imagine all the trees you could save by accepting your bill electronically.

Ryan and I pay our bills online, but it wasn't until 2 or 3 months ago that we stopped all the paper nonsenseAnother thing to mark off our "Saving our Environment" list!!

Giving credit to TIME,  I'd like to thank them for showing us the many ways we can help save the environment.  Just one person can make a difference, and it starts with YOU!

                                                   ~ Peter aka Blade7184  

16. Pay Your Bills Online

Eliminating your paper trail by banking and paying bills online does more than save trees. It also helps reduce fuel consumption by the trucks and planes that transport paper checks. If every U.S. home viewed and paid its bills online, the switch would cut solid waste by 1.6 billion tons a year and curb greenhouse-gas emissions by 2.1 million tons a year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. Worried about security? Don't be. Just ignore e-mails "phishing" for personal data, and monitor all (electronic) statements for any unauthorized debits. Report problems immediately, and your credit won't take the hit. To avoid unnecessary carbon dioxide-emitting car trips to the bank on payday, ask your employer to directly deposit your paycheck. You'll get your money faster that way too.
Make sure to follow Blade 7184 every Tuesday for a new issue of Things We Can Do To Save The Environment.  Each issue is thought-provoking, informative and may hold the key to saving your children and grandchildren's future.  Please feel free to click on my logo to read previous issues.
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