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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Republican Outed... And This Time on Grndr!

No, this is not Arango, you horny bastards!
I'm sure you've heard the story, or read about it online... 

Another Republican who supported and campaigned for President George W. Bush, and was an opponent of gay rights was caught with his pants down.  

And it wasn't something to brag about either, "You know I've been losing weight. As I shed that weight, I've been taking pictures." Roberto Arango explains.
Mr. Senator was caught showing himself on the popular gay iPhone app Grndr, bending over, with his ass cheeks spread apart.

You remember the iPhone application that I mentioned in a post back on July 2nd?  Well, Mr. Arango likes to either a) hook-up with dudes or b) show his butthole to dudes; either way you look at it, he's been outed!

All he has to do now is make like Republican Senator Larry Craig, and say, "let me be clear, I-am-not-gay, I never have been gay... I am not gay."

You gotta love hypocrites, they only prove what we've said all along...  YOU WERE BORN THAT WAY!!!

Gay Ski Camp - Episode 5

It seems SameSame.com.au wanted to prolong the season by releasing its videos over the course of three months.  I wasn't too happy with the way the show was put together - it seemed a bit rushed, and to close out the season by releasing a 3-1/2 minute video was mediocre at best.

While the boys were hot, I felt they could have posted all 5 episodes into one - at least it would have made it more enjoyable.

At the end of episode 4 we were left with Dan and Kirk competing for the title of Gay Ski Camp Champ.  If you missed the previous episodes, or want to see them again, you can catch episode 1 here, episode 2 here, episode 3 here, and episode 4 here.

OMG Hilarious! - The Offensive Translator

Seriously... If you're having a bad day, don't want to be bothered, people annoy you, or you simply just want to get away.   This video will make you laugh, and laugh, and laugh!  OMG, this was f--ing hilarious!

Ryan James Yezak Does Febreeze and It's Absolutely Fabulous!

I saw this video several days ago, and in my opinion, it was the most fabulous one!  Yes, I'm partial to it's creator, Ryan James Yezak, because I love his work, and I hope that by posting this video on my blog whoever comes across it will vote.  
Go ahead and do it now.  You can log-in using your facebook log-in and help Ryan James Yezak win Febreeze's dance video contest for the month of August.  If he wins he will take home a $1,000 Grand Prize, and at the end of the year as part of the top 7 finalists he will compete in a dance-off competition worth $5,000!

So c'mon... it only takes a few seconds... vote and help Ryan win.

What a Hot Mess: Dancing With The Stars Releases It's List of "Has Beens" and "Never Were" Contestants

Seriously?  What the hell is going on with ABC?  Did they drink a bottle of Jack Daniels, and play a few rounds of strip poker to come up with this hot mess?  No.  Really?  Did they sit around and talk about what slut or ho was going to take the crown this season?  

OMG, and then you ask why Ryan and I stopped watching this god-forsaken show!  Once Julianne Hough left, it became a fucking joke!  Or better yet, an outrageous nightmare!
Image courtesy of Michael K
First you have Carson Kressley - the most flamboyant, loud-mouthed gay on all the planet and Chaz Bono - the first "I'm a lesbian," then "a chick with a dick," and now, a she who made herself a he.  Too fucked up?  Well.... cough, cough... you haven't heard nothing yet...

Next... you have Nancy Grace, the self-appointed former lawyer who can put a laughing-hyena to shame.  If I wanted to watch a screaming lunatic dance for her life (oh wait, that's So You Think You Can Dance..oh well), I would watch Lion King while on crack.  The bitch still dreams and screams of revenge for Casey Anthony.

Okay, okay... I do like Ricki Lake, we all know she's taking that stupid mirrored-disco-ball trophy home.  I mean c'mon... Hairspray, Helloooooo??? 

I also like Chynna Phillips from the group Wilson Phillips but really... did they have to add David Arquette?  What a hot fucking mess!  And why do we need another Kardashian - Rob, really?  I've had enough of that annoying family! 

Finally, JR Martinez, he's an Iraq war veteran, enough said.  Well... he did become a soap star, and that's the only messy thing about him that I could think of.

I don't really know too much about the other "never were" contestants in this lineup, but here you go...  Ron Artest, Kristin Calamaris, Hope Solo, and Elisabeta Canalis.

God bless all of you who are watching this hot mess, because it's definitely a list of "has-beens" and people who "never were."

OMG Hilarious! - Prom

Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Family Member

What a great thing to show all your right-wing nuts in your family.  Yes, everyone has them.  They rely on Fox news to give them all the information, and in turn fall for the lies and deception those idiots report.

Dave Johnson of Campaign for America's Future, wrote the following Op-Ed piece, and I couldn't have stated it any better myself. The facts are here folks... what more do you want?

Problem: Your right-wing family member is plugged into the FOX-Limbaugh lie machine, and keeps sending you emails about "Obama spending" and "Obama deficits" and how the "Stimulus" just made things worse.

Solution: Here are three "reality-based" charts to send to him. These charts show what actually happened.

Government spending increased dramatically under Bush. It has not increased much under Obama. Note that this chart does not reflect any spending cuts resulting from deficit-cutting deals.

Notes, this chart includes Clinton's last budget year for comparison.
The numbers in these two charts come from Budget of the United States Government: Historical Tables Fiscal Year 2012. They are just the amounts that the government spent and borrowed, period, Anyone can go look then up. Peoplewho claim that Obama "tripled the deficit" are either misled or are trying to mislead.

The Stimulus and Jobs
In this chart, the RED lines on the left side -- the ones that keep doing DOWN -- show what happened to jobs under the policies of Bush and the Republicans. We were losing lots and lots of jobs every month, and it was getting worse and worse. The BLUE lines -- the ones that just go UP -- show what happened to jobs when the stimulus was in effect. We stopped losing jobs and started gaining jobs, and it was getting better and better. The leveling off on the right side of the chart shows what happened as the stimulus started to wind down: job creation leveled off at too low a level.
It looks a lot like the stimulus reversed what was going on before the stimulus.

More False Things
These are just three of the false things that everyone "knows." Some others are (click through): Obama bailed out the banks, businesses will hire if they get tax cuts, health care reform cost $1 trillion, Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme or is "going broke", government spending "takes money out of the economy."

Why This Matters
These things really matter. We all want to fix the terrible problems the country has. But it is so important to know just what the problems are before you decide how to fix them. Otherwise the things you do to try to solve those problems might just make them worse. If you get tricked into thinking that Obama has made things worse and that we should go back to what we were doing before Obama -- tax cuts for the rich, giving giant corporations and Wall Street everything they want -- when those are the things that caused the problems in the first place, then we will be in real trouble.

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