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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a Hot Mess: Dancing With The Stars Releases It's List of "Has Beens" and "Never Were" Contestants

Seriously?  What the hell is going on with ABC?  Did they drink a bottle of Jack Daniels, and play a few rounds of strip poker to come up with this hot mess?  No.  Really?  Did they sit around and talk about what slut or ho was going to take the crown this season?  

OMG, and then you ask why Ryan and I stopped watching this god-forsaken show!  Once Julianne Hough left, it became a fucking joke!  Or better yet, an outrageous nightmare!
Image courtesy of Michael K
First you have Carson Kressley - the most flamboyant, loud-mouthed gay on all the planet and Chaz Bono - the first "I'm a lesbian," then "a chick with a dick," and now, a she who made herself a he.  Too fucked up?  Well.... cough, cough... you haven't heard nothing yet...

Next... you have Nancy Grace, the self-appointed former lawyer who can put a laughing-hyena to shame.  If I wanted to watch a screaming lunatic dance for her life (oh wait, that's So You Think You Can Dance..oh well), I would watch Lion King while on crack.  The bitch still dreams and screams of revenge for Casey Anthony.

Okay, okay... I do like Ricki Lake, we all know she's taking that stupid mirrored-disco-ball trophy home.  I mean c'mon... Hairspray, Helloooooo??? 

I also like Chynna Phillips from the group Wilson Phillips but really... did they have to add David Arquette?  What a hot fucking mess!  And why do we need another Kardashian - Rob, really?  I've had enough of that annoying family! 

Finally, JR Martinez, he's an Iraq war veteran, enough said.  Well... he did become a soap star, and that's the only messy thing about him that I could think of.

I don't really know too much about the other "never were" contestants in this lineup, but here you go...  Ron Artest, Kristin Calamaris, Hope Solo, and Elisabeta Canalis.

God bless all of you who are watching this hot mess, because it's definitely a list of "has-beens" and people who "never were."


Lorie Wise via Facebook said...


Ryan said...

A waste of three hours of my life per week? Yes.

Should this show have ended already? Probably.

Do I really want to watch it again this season?


Yet, I must.

Too many crazy conservative christians, 3C's for short, are boycotting this show and bitching because they honestly believe that watching Chaz Bono dance his fat ass around the stage will make all their children want to suddenly grow a penis, cut one off, or worse, become as gay as Carson Kressley. If your kids are already devoted fans of DWTS then I've got news for you 3C's, Lance Bass might have already got to them.


I know it's tragic. Anyway, I can't be one of those protestors. We must stand with the gays and support DWTS....at least until Chaz and Carson get voted off after the first two weeks. Then we're through. I'm sure it won't take long at all.

Gay power.

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