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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Loving One Another - Issue No. 021

Things We Can Do To Save The Environment - Issue No. 13 - Let Employees Work Close to Home

Ahhhh, this would be a dream come true.  Considering I work in THE LARGEST MEDICAL CENTER IN THE WORLD!  No, I didn't scream that out loudJust sayn'.

I do have to say that commuting to work in the morning only takes me 25 minutes, and I drive a Prius C.  So at 54 miles per gallon, I think I'm helping the environment and my pocket.

But suffice it to say, not everyone owns a hybrid vehicle or a Volt so yes, letting employees work close to home would be peachy.

Giving credit to TIME,  I'd like to thank them for showing us the many ways we can help save the environment.  Just one person can make a difference, and it starts with YOU!

                                                   ~ Peter aka Blade7184  


13. Let Employees Work Close to Home

Sitting in gridlock wastes your time and the planet's fuel. The only solution, it seems, is to move your home next to the office. But what if you could move the office a little closer to home? 

That, in essence, is the concept called proximate commuting. It works best for companies with multiple locations in one metro area. Gene Mullins, a software developer in Seattle, created a program that helps firms slash the time employees spend driving by matching them with work closer to home. 

Mullins did studies for Starbucks, Key Bank, Boeing and, most recently, Seattle's fire department. He found that only 4% of the firefighters worked at the station closest to their home; some commuted 145 miles each way. At Boeing, daily commutes of its 80,000 Puget Sound employees total 85 circumnavigations of the earth. Using Mullins' program, some Key Bank branches reduced commutes of some workers 69%. Still, only about 20% of its employees work at the branch closest to their home, Mullins says. Yet escaping rush-hour traffic is its own reward. "For the same pay and the same job, who wouldn't want a shorter commute?"

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The Buckle Puffer

You pot smokers are gonna love this. LOL.  Look, sure it's for tobacco, but c'mon we know what it was truly made for.  And I don't condone smoking pot, but I think the pipe is rather cool.  So if you want one, you better pledge right away.  It's called the Buckle Puffer.  

The pipe is secured by a pair of magnets that slides into the belt buckle.  It's made of nickel-plated aluminum, double-barrelled and rustproof.  Feel free to watch the video, and stop watching after three minutes, because the rest of the video is ridiculous.  Unless you like watching chics with bathing suits. LOL.

I was actually quite impressed.  I used to smoke a pipe ions ago, and this would have been cool to have.  But I don't smoke anymore, so that's even more cool. :-)


We have come up with an innovative sylish and stealth way of carrying a tobacco pipe.
Through months of design, redesign, and testing we have developed our final prototype. The Buckle Puffer is machined from solid blocks of 6061 Aluminum, and then nickel plated in an FDA approved facility. The industrial hard Nickel plating gives the Buckle Puffer a bright shine, long lasting durability, and provides safety when smoking out of. The Buckle Puffer was designed with functionality and style in mind.  Two precisely offset Neodymium magnets (the strongest magnets on the market) are used to create a constant pull on the pipe producing a tight rattle free seal. In addition to the pull of these magnets, we've designed a latching system that utilizes the same magnetic field. The pipe can only be ejected when the magnetic powered release button is pressed. Unlike latches powered by unreliable springs, the magnetically powered latch can never wear out.
Additional features include:
  • Instant put out technology
  • Prevents emission of any noticeable odor due to extremely precise fit.
  • Deep reservoir
  • Double barrel intake
  • 100% boilable for easy cleaning
  • Made in USA
via The Buckle Puffer

Star Wars Family Tree - Take 2

You might remember last month's post from Chart Geek.  Well, today I bring you another great Star Wars Family Tree from graphic designer and illustrator Joe Stone.
New Work
Following on from my Marvel Universe Family Tree series I decided to continue the idea and expand it into other areas of pop culture. As a huge Star Wars fan, and with the news that a new series of films were to be made, it seemed like the only option.
The characters are limited purely to the film and canonical TV series’ (sorry Mara Jade fans - although I’m not ruling out the possibility of drawing up an extended universe version at some point).
Click here to view the full thing on my portfolio site, where you can also download a whole bunch of iPhone wallpapers featuring some of the most popular characters for the price of a tweet.

Back In The Day - The 90's vs. Today

These pictures are hilarious, because they're so true.  I especially love how Blockbuster went from a mega superstore (overtaking every mom and pop shop video store), to becoming almost obsolete.  When was the last time you rented a video? LOL.
Six more pics after the jump...

Grandpa Tells It Like It Is

Check out this cute 30 second ad by Oscar Mayer - it's really funny.  Well, only if you have grandparents that act like them.  

I have one grandmother through marriage left, but watching this made me think of my grandfathers who were both goofballs in their own right.  LOL.  Loved it.
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