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Thursday, July 21, 2011

War of the Roses - Julie & Adam

Wow, it seems like forever since I posted a War of the Roses (Roula & Ryan's Roses) segment, but I finally have one for you.  

Roula and Ryan were taking a break, and rightly so, everyone needs one from to time.

Once again, If you're not familiar with the "War of the Roses", then I suggest you read up on my first issue, here.  I wrote a detailed description on how it actually works.

In this morning's call, Roula took the role of Catherine from Plants & Flowers, Incorporated.  

Roula and Ryan received an email from a girl named Julie, who wanted to send roses to her boyfriend of 1 month, Adam.  At first R & R were hesitant on giving her a chance because their relationship was so young.  But Julie convinced them otherwise, by telling them that Adam had a separate Facebook account which stated he was engaged; It didn't say to whom, but she had a bad feeling about it.

Adam has been having the "time of his life" with Julie.  Could this spell the end to an otherwise exciting time?

Who does Adam send the roses to? 

Find out below...

Part 1

Part 2

Make sure to stay tuned for next Thursday, as this is a regular series on my blog.  Feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook, or email them. There's a little Facebook button right underneath this post where it says, "This Post Written By".

I Quote That - Making Choices

Sure, it may be controversial, but I found it rather poignant, and wanted to post it.  The quote is aimed at women or gays.

The People of Wal-Mart

Do you remember my post from Tuesday, titled Wal-Martians - A People of Wal-Mart Song?  I'm assuming you probably don't.  But if you do, then by all means check this next video out.  
Thanks to my Facebook friend, Michele, I was singing the damn song all day. My co-workers were wondering what the hell came over me.  Check it out, hopefully you won't succumb to the powers that be, the Wal-Martians!

The song is titled, "People of Wal-Mart" and yes, you can buy it on iTunes!  The artist, Jessica Frech has even included the lyrics on her YouTube page, which I have kindly added after the jump.

What a Hot Mess: Sewer Geyser Destroys Car

Next time you parallel park, make sure your car is not parked over a sewer drain.  I hope this guy's insurance company covers sewer geysers.  What a Hot. Fucking. Mess!

Hell's Kitchen: "I'm Not Your Bitch!"

I don't know how many of you watch "Hell's Kitchen," or if you even know of the show.  It's a show that airs on Fox that is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, a British chef and restaurant owner.  He's also known for hosting other popular shows like "The F Word," "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares," and "Master Chef," but what he's most famous for, is his fiery temperament and use of a wide range of expletives on these shows.

So yeah, there's plate throwing, food spitting, and calling people "chunky monkey." What I'm surprised at, is the fact that no one has killed or attempted to kill this man after he calls the contestants vulgar, and sometimes obnoxious names.  Last night, he told one of the women contestants, "shut your big fat mouth!"

The show is in it's 9th season, and Ryan and I have watched every season except for the first one.  It's actually quite entertaining, but not too many of my friends like watching it, because of Ramsay.  They prefer to watch Iron Chef or Cupcake Wars (mediocre shows), when this one is so much better.

Even though he tells someone to fuck off, or throws a plate of food on the floor; some of these contestants would probably drive me to do the same.  Here's a sample of the most hated man in the world...  It's pretty intense...

OMG Hilarious! - Got You A Gift

How Was Casey's Release Date Calculated?

Want to know how the judicial system works?  Well this graphic is the perfect way to learn how the sentencing and release date portion of a guilty verdict is accomplished.  Provided, you lied to law enforcement, of course.

click to enlarge

Flashback to the 1990's - Tarzan Boy by Lee R

When I heard this song on my way to work this morning, it reminded me of those days when I was out partying and drinking my life away.  Talk about having a flashback. 

The song, "Tarzan Boy" was actually released in 1985 by Baltimora, a group from Italy, and has been re-recorded over the years by several artists.  

The version I listened to was re-recorded by Lee R back in 1999, and played in all the dance clubs I went to.  It was definitely a catchy tune, and dancing to it was a lot of fun.  I think it was the, "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh" that got everyone pumped-up and ready to party the night away.

The original artist, Jimmy McShane (Baltimora's front man) died of AIDS 9 years after the song was released, and was able to catch it being used in a Listerine commercial and also on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III soundtrack.  Unfortunately, he wasn't able to enjoy the success of the version you're about to hear, but I'm sure he would've loved it just as much as those who partied to it in 1999 and 2000.

You can catch the original music video by Baltimora after the jump...
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