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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lori is Alive - She Has To Be!

So aside from me, everyone, including Ryan seems to think that Lori is dead in the popular TV show, The Walking Dead.  It's been over a year since I pleaded with everyone to watch this series.  If you've never seen it - well - there's not much else I can say.

Here are the reasons I think Lori is Not Dead, or a Zombie.  She's still out there somewhere!

Little Carl, bless his heart, would never shoot his own mother.  I'm sorry, but as tough as he thinks he is, he doesn't have the cojones to shoot his mother's brains out.  Then there's the bloated zombie, really?  Talk about bad television.  When have you seen a bloated zombie?

When Rick finds the body, all he finds is hair in the zombie's mouth.  He also finds a bullet, but it's clean - there's no blood on it.  Furthermore when Rick shoots and stabs the zombie, there are no body parts pulled out of it's stomach.  No bones anywhere! That's kinda strange to me.  

And if you're one to follow the comic books, Hershel, Carl and Glenn are all dead in those books - this also leaves me to wonder whether Lori will return as a Zombie or is Alive!


Melissa Post Martin via Facebook said...

I found myself wondering about this....Zombies don't eat bones, do they?? The fact that Lori's WHOLE body was gone leaves me suspicious as well!

Blade aka Peter said...

Even if it did eat bones, we humans have some pretty big ones. That zombie either grinded them up in its tummy or stashed them away for later. I'm going to go with it did neither of the two.

Melissa Novak via Facebook said...

Good point but I'm still not sure. Lol!

Shannon Martin via Facebook said...

Y'know.. I just don't know? I know that if Lori is still alive somehow, I'm really going to be sad for Rick. Not that I am not broken hearted for him in the first place. Poor baby.

Melissa Novak via Facebook said...

I know right. All this time now making him think he is just crazy and seeing things. If she shows up aloe it will break him I think.

Blade aka Peter said...

I also think him seeing her in all these "hallucinations" are the key. I'm thinking she's trying to send him a signal. She's saying, "Snap out of it bitch! I'm alive! - even if I am a zombie!"

Shannon Martin via Facebook said...

Right. If he see's her as a zombie, I agree. It will break him. I see Carl having to ACTUALLY put a bullet in her head..

Ryan said...

Nice theory my love, but I'm gonna have to break it to you that, unless they bring in another actress to play her, then she's officially gone at this point in time. Having one zombie eat her entire body does seem unlikely even by Walking Dead standards, but it was just a way to not have the actress come back to play the part of a mangled corpse. Besides, the story called for us to feel really sad for her, Rick and Carl at that point. The fact of having a zombie devour her corpse whole was disgusting, but showing her ripped into pieces could make the audience feel even more unnecessarily bothered, taking away from the emotion that they were trying to convey at the moment. But then again who knows, this show really is about how anything could change at the last moment and about bringing the dead back to life, literally. I just feel that bringing the character back to life would invalidate all of the emotion that's been portrayed since she's died. A kind of "hah hah", "made you cry" to the viewer that makes us feel cheated in a way. Now Lori zombie could be a nice twist, especially if she takes out a main character, but then again we've already been down that road when Carl couldn't kill a zombie and because of that Dale got killed. He made that mistake before and won't let it happen again. More of a reason for him to shoot her dead, as well as grant her mercy from becoming the living dead. Finally, my last reasoning that she ain't coming back:

Bitch was annoying.

I can't tell you how many times I remembered you wishing that she'd just die already, and you weren't the only one. After Lori practically encouraged Rick to kill Shane back in the second season, and then totally does a 180 flip out when he does just made no sense. It was at that point that the character was less helpful and more aggravating and just had to go. Aside from a fan rallying cry of "Bring Lori Back!", which ain't happening, she's gone, in pieces inside a zombie tummy or somewhere stuck in Rick's crazy mind. Which, by the way, if Rick don't snap out of it soon, main character or not, he could be joining Lori in TV Character heaven sooner than he thinks.

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