“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” - RuPaul - - - - - - - - - - - “if by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal.” - John F. Kennedy - - - - - - - - - - - - “Imagine finding someone you love more than anything in the world, who you would risk your life for but couldn’t marry. And you couldn’t have that special day the way your friends do – you know, wear the ring on your finger and have it mean the same thing as everybody else. Just put yourself in that person’s shoes. It makes me feel sick to my stomach …. When I shared a picture of my tattoo on my Twitter page and said, ‘ALL LOVE is equal,’ a lot of people mocked me – they said, ‘What happened to you? You used to be a Christian girl!’ And I said, ‘Well, if you were a true Christian, you would have your facts straight. Christianity is about love.’ The debate resulted in a lot of threats and hate mail to people who agreed and disagreed with me. At one point I had to say, ‘Dude, everyone lay off.’ Can’t people have friendly debates about sensitive topics without it turning into unnecessary threats?” - Pop star Miley Cyrus on her marriage equality tattoo - - - - - - - - - - -

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

True Blood Shocker!

Want to know where Sookie ended up?  Want to know who told her, "Sookie, you are mine" at the end of Season 3?  And.......

Want to see who makes a surprising return with their very own Fairy Godmother?

Then, you'll want to see this.  

HBO has released the first 3 minutes of their True Blood Season 4 premiere, and it's going to be ridiculously incredible!  I cannot wait for the full episode to air on June 26th!

As you may know, at the end of season 3, Sookie was swooshed away by her Fairy Godmother... well, she ends up in fairyland, where everyone is chomping on some fruit that light's up like a Glo-worm.  Funny thing is, it seems like everyone that eats the fruit, loses their memories, at least for the time-being.

Next, in what is the most memorable moment for me, Barry the bellboy makes a grand return, and with a Fairy Godmother whos' f*ckn hot, to say the least!  Of course, it wouldn't be HBO without the fairies :-) No pun intended.

If you've read the books, or know a little about True Blood, Sookie and Bill's relationship hits a snag, so you know this season is going to be about who catches the fairy's affection. In this 30 second trailer below, you'll find out who said the line, "Sookie, you are mine," at the end of season 3. Was it Alcide, Eric, or Bill?

The World's Most Dangerous Animals - The Venomous Snake

Since we were on the subject of snakes yesterday, the next animal on my list of The World's Most Dangerous Animals is the Venomous Snake.  According to Wikipedia there are over "2,900 species of snakes on the planet."  Too bad we're not one of the countries who don't possess any whatsoever, Ireland, Iceland and New Zealand. Furthermore, "Of the 725 species of venomous snakes worldwide, only 250 are able to kill a human with one bite."  If you get bitten by a snake, you should rush to the hospital.  Do Not attempt to suck the venom out, cut the wound, or ice it. Head to the emergency room immediately.  I found the subject on anti-venom particularly interesting, I guess because we live in the United States, where Rattlesnakes, Copperheads, and Cottonmouths reside. 

I learned that in order to produce the anti-venom, scientists take the venom from Rattlesnakes, Copperheads and Cottonmouths and inject it into a horse (poor horsie), "in ever-increasing dosages" until the horse becomes immune to the venom. The mad scientists then draw blood from the horsie, separate the serum, purify, and freeze-dry it. They then return it to it's liquid state by adding sterile water - at this point it becomes anti-venom.  I just hope you don't own a Cobra, Mamba or Taipan, those anti-venoms are species-specific.

Responsible for: An estimated 50-125,000 fatalities a year.

Hangs out in: Africa, Asia and North America.

Method of dispatch: Snakes are very fast and any part of the human body is a good place for a bite, seeing as the venom can flow into the bloodstream within minutes; although those near major veins and arteries will travel faster. Snakes use their venom to paralyse their prey. A fully grown king cobra can rear up so it looks a man in the eye; others can spit venom into the eye. Nasty.

Useful avoidance techniques: Unsurprisingly, most people come a cropper when they try to harass a snake or draw close to it. Snakes will usually only attack if they’re feeling threatened so the short answer is: stay away! Wear stout boots if hiking and check either side of paths. Don’t mess about looking under rocks or fallen vegetation as you’ll get more than you bargained for. If you come across a snake, back away very slowly, as it can strike to half its length and sudden movements are likely to alarm it.

OMG Hilarious! - Futuristic


Proclamation of Pride from Our President

As you may already know, June is Gay Pride Month in the United States. The start of gay pride month began with a proclamation from President Bill Clinton in 2000, the summer before President George W. Bush took office, and we've been celebrating it in June ever since. Whereas prior to 2000, pride parades, and festivities occurred throughout the year, with no set date in particular.

For the past three years, President Obama has issued a pride proclamation for the LGBT community.  Let this month also remind you of the achievements he's made for our friends, family, co-workers, and citizens of this great nation who are gay.

Not once, did George W. Bush lift his hand to help us during the 8 years he held office, and I highly doubt any of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates are about to mention it either.  Well.... maybe just one, Fred Karger, but the Republicans have disowned him (as is the norm), because he's GAY.

"Take pride in knowing you have a Democratic President in office, otherwise you could be sitting in prison, experiencing torture, and possibly death at the hands of a Republican one. Remember this when you're rights get taken away.
- Peter aka Blade7184

You can read the proclamation in it's entirety here.

The Woes of Being a Bad Parent - Dad Drops Daugther at Dodger's Game

You gotta love it when parents treat their children like objects.  Simply drop your baby off a cliff, and catch a foul ball - just like this man.  >>>

Well, he didn't drop her off a cliff, but he might as well have.  What if the drop had been higher?  

For every "Joy of Being a Parent" segment I post, there's got to be an opposite one.  Hence, whenever I see a parent doing something stupid, I'll write a post titled, "The Woes of Being a Bad Parent."


Let's just hope he took the time to reflect on this, since everyone saw him do it.

Kill Your Friends, Kill Your Family, But Don't Kill Mine

Okay, I'll be honest.  I haven't been a strong supporter of this, because I'm always fumbling with my phone while driving.  I'll say it again, I text while driving, And so do many millions of other people around the world, primarily teens.  After watching this video, I'm seriously re-evaluating how I use my phone while driving, and this includes multi-tasking.

In this UK public service announcement, a girl is texting her friend James, while her other friends are in the car with her. Within seconds, she's not only managed to kill her friends, but she's managed to kill several other people on the highway, including the parents of a baby and a child.

If you don't want to see the video, because you feel what I'm saying is rubbish, then your life, your family's, and your friends' lives are in your hands.  After watching this video this morning, I can promise you now, I will never be texting while driving again.  And if I'm driving with others, I will let another passenger text for me while I drive.  Three weeks ago, a co-worker's son lost his God-daughter to texting and driving.  It was really hard watching my co-worker grieve during this period.  I can't imagine losing someone at the young age of 17, it is beyond anything I could ever comprehend.


How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Wow, yesterday I introduced you to the Six Degrees of Steak Doneness, and now I bring you this, The Egg Chart!  The next time you're sitting at your local Denny's or Ihop, make sure the waiter understands how you like your eggs.  And if he still doesn't get it, print this out, take it with you, and pull out your huevos!  I'm sure he'll understand then.  Hopefully he's a hottie. :-).

click to enlarge
And if you wish to see the degrees of doneness for your eggs, I found this useful guide online as well.

The Battle Rounds - Week 4

Last night, my partner Ryan, and I watched the final Battle Round of The Voice, and I'd have to say, I was really disappointed with the Judges this time around.  I don't think they were thinking straight, or maybe they were so tired from a full day of coaching their teams, that the last round didn't matter to them as much.  

Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh.  Surprisingly, I felt Blake made the right decision this week, and I blatantly disagreed with Christina's and Cee Lo's choices.

It's all or nothing for these ladies and gents - next week is the Live performances.  We'll get to see how well they were coached by their judges.
I have posted each week's Battle Rounds on my blog, so click one of the links below if you wish to see the battles for the first time or watch them again at your own leisure.

Battle Round - Week 1
Battle Round - Week 2
Battle Round - Week 3

Here's a look at last night's battle rounds...

In the following video, Jeff Jenkins and Casey Desmond battle it out, singing, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by Elton John

I already knew who I wanted to win this round.  I wanted Jeff to take this one home, but after watching Casey give him a run for his money, it left me speechless.  They worked really well together and their chemistry was fantastic, but in the end I felt Jeff should take it home, because of his vocal ability.  Adam Levine made the right decision, and went along with me on this. :-). Continuing from last week's record, I'm 11-2.

In the following video, Xenia Martinez and Sara Oromchi battle it out, singing, "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders

What a Hot Mess!  Both of these girls were shy from the 'get-go.'   It was evident in their coaching segment with Blake and his mentor, Reba McEntire.  While I felt Sara Oromchi had this to win it, she didn't perform it well enough to take it home.  Xenia wasn't any better either, but there's something about her voice that draws me to her.  She's soft, but I believe with the right coaching, she can do more with her voice than Sara.  I'm not sure if Blake is the right coach for the job, but he did agree with me on choosing Xenia for the win  12-2.

In the following video, Cherie Oakley and Lily Elise battle it out, singing, "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson

I don't know what the hell Christina was thinking.  Lily? Really?  She was mediocre at best.  I'm sorry, but it was so obvious Cherie won this round, all the other judges agreed as well.  I do commend Reba McEntire for bringing up the fact that Cherie wrote a hit song for her. She's a true diva!  As for the disaster that was Lily, I think Christina picked her over Cherie, because of the slutty outfit she was wearing, and not for her vocal incapability.  She could have done so much more with Cherie, she was belting it out like nobody's mama. 12-3

In the following video, Emily Valentine and Curtis Grimes battle it out, singing, "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum

What a great way to end the Battle Rounds!  Well, not so great, because the one I chose didn't cross Cee Lo's mind.  But it was the greatest performance of the evening.  Emily and Curtis ended their performance with a kiss, and what a kiss it was.  We all knew Emily had a crush on Curtis, because she didn't stop saying it throughout the show last night, but the kiss was definitely unexpected.  They were truly amazing together.  I felt Cee Lo would've been better off with Emily, because of her vocal range.  I thought she could take it further than Curtis, because he sings country, and country star usually stick to their own genre of music.  They don't broaden their horizons, and use their vocal ability to move beyond that. Good job to both of them though. 12-4

Remember! Next week the show goes LIVE; Make sure to watch it!
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