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Monday, March 7, 2011

True Blood Season 4 - Preview & Spoilers!!!

If you're a True Blood fan you have been longing for some blood.  Not being able to withstand the wait any longer you do crazy things, like bite the one you love at night while they're sleeping.

Well you no longer have to wait, there's a 30 second spot which was released a couple of days ago.  All you really see is Eric wandering around the forest like he's got amnesia,  Boo-hoo, give me some real action, like bring Godric back or something.  I guess Eric developed amnesia for being encased in cement, again boo-hoo.

According to online sources like True Blood Wiki, there will be plenty of new faces this season, along with our regular favorites like Pam and Nan Flanagan.  The new characters joining the lair are:

All of the following details below were revealed at PaleyFest this past Saturday in California. Do not read if you're not into spoilers, but I'm sorry I can't wait any longer...

No more Bill & Sookie
If you’re a big fan of these two together, I suggest you don’t read this paragraph. The emotional break-up from these two at the end of Season 3 will stick. Apparently, the road to reconciliation will be a long one and won’t happen quickly.

Who is Eric?
Following the plot of the novels, it seems like Eric will be losing his memory causing Sookie to be tied up in him. See? She won’t even be thinking about Bill. Not quite sure how Eric is to gain his amnesia but he will receive some help piecing his life together from a blonde fairy (wink wink).

Walking In a Fairy Wonderland
At the end of Season 3, we saw Sookie walking aimlessly in an enchanted fairy land. At the top of Season 4, Sookie will be back but there is something different. She will continue to find herself without Bill by her side. However, don’t expect to meet her fairy godmother this season.

Bring In the Witches
It has been rumored that Season 4 will be all about the witches. However, they are not going to be the bringers of evil. They will be an older entity. The witchy Kevin (Jesus) will return Lafayette’s boyfriend. They are still happy but is that because he is under Jesus’ spell?

Shifty Shifty
Sam had a little bit of a blowout at the end of Season 3 but is apparently getting another shot at love. His brother Tommy will also be back and up to no good. In addition to the witches being added this year, there will also be some more “shifters” added to the mix.

She’s Back…
She may have left in a flurry but have no fear, Tara will be back for Season 4. Where did Tara go? That will all be revealed and apparently, its pretty cool and fans will be surprised. Tara will be a lot happier and more stable this season. Its a new Tara.

Last Minute Spoilers
Arlene and Terry are still “evil-baby bound” and it is said that the problem will get increasingly worse as the season begins. Andy will get into some trouble of his own experimenting with the things that V left behind in the office. The fight between Bill and Queen Sophie-Anne will continue and some more characters will get involved.

Sources: HBO, True Wiki, True Blood.Net, Homorazzi
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