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Thursday, May 31, 2012

MIT's Freaky Non-Stick Coating Keeps Ketchup & Mayonaise Flowing

So how many of you have pounded the hell out of a ketchup bottle trying to get the darn thing to pour out?  Or found yourself at the end of a rope, trying to get the remaining remnants from a mayonaise bottle? 

Well, thanks to some PhD students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), an invention like no other has been created, or better yet, a non-toxic substance.

Meet LiquiGlide, a "super slippery" coating made up of nontoxic materials that can be applied to all sorts of food packaging--though ketchup and mayonnaise bottles might just be the substance’s first targets.

Here are the before and after videos...

Check out what happens when you pour ketchup out of a LiquiGlide-coated bottle:

For point of reference, here’s ketchup coming out of a regular bottle. Keep in mind, this is the exact same ketchup. It’s so time-consuming and wasteful.

Here’s mayo coming out of the coated bottle:

As opposed to this:

Keep in mind, these students worked in collaboration with the FDA to make sure they could use materials the FDA had previously approved.  According to Dave Smith, one of the PhD candidates, "I can’t say what they are, but we’ve patented the hell out of it."

Can you smell instant millionaires?

My "flesh" Is Intrigued By The Idea of Killing Homosexuals and Adulterers!

Lovely. Just Lovely.

Curtis Knapp
Oh, I just love Baptist churches!  Don't you?  Hell, when all they do is condemn homosexuality and force God down our throats, what makes them think we want to worship with them?  Seriously?  Don't they think we love God just as much, if not, more than all of them!!!!

Two more Baptist pastors have come out in support of killing your brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, cousins, friends, co-workers, the list goes on.  All because... well... a straight couple bore a gay child.

Dennis Leatherman
Two pastors, Curtis Knapp of the New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas, and Dennis Leatherman, pastor at the Mountain Lake Baptist Church in Oakland, Md spoke from the pulpit at two of their recent Sunday sermons.  While Knapp suggested that the government should put gay people to death, Leatherman said that his “flesh” is intrigued by the idea of killing homosexuals.

You can read more about this ridiculous nonsense here and even listen to clips of their sermons.

Thanks to Shane Montgomery for sharing this on his news feed on Facebook!
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