“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” - RuPaul - - - - - - - - - - - “if by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal.” - John F. Kennedy - - - - - - - - - - - - “Imagine finding someone you love more than anything in the world, who you would risk your life for but couldn’t marry. And you couldn’t have that special day the way your friends do – you know, wear the ring on your finger and have it mean the same thing as everybody else. Just put yourself in that person’s shoes. It makes me feel sick to my stomach …. When I shared a picture of my tattoo on my Twitter page and said, ‘ALL LOVE is equal,’ a lot of people mocked me – they said, ‘What happened to you? You used to be a Christian girl!’ And I said, ‘Well, if you were a true Christian, you would have your facts straight. Christianity is about love.’ The debate resulted in a lot of threats and hate mail to people who agreed and disagreed with me. At one point I had to say, ‘Dude, everyone lay off.’ Can’t people have friendly debates about sensitive topics without it turning into unnecessary threats?” - Pop star Miley Cyrus on her marriage equality tattoo - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Student vs. Professor

I guess the next time a professor tries to outsmart his student, he better be well-prepared. Better yet, take a class on student-teacher etiquette. LOL. 

Too funny. I'd have to go with the student, he was quite clever.

If The World Were A Village of 100 People: Issue No. 12 - Sexual Orientation

This is the 12th poster out of the 20 posters I have shared with you over the past several months.

Every week I have been asking, "What if the world were a village of 100 people?"  And by using statistics based on the spread of the population in the world, Toby Ng Design created these posters as another way of looking at how our world is today. 

If you missed any of the previous issues, click here.

OMG Hilarious! - Forgot

Movies to Watch: Brave

This looks like a really cute movie to watch. It kind of reminds me of "How To Train Your Dragon" by Dreamworks, without the Dragon of course.

I'm a sucker for animated movies, so I think I'll mark June 22, 2012 down in my calendar.  Check out the trailer below.

According to Disney, the film is set in the Scottish Highlands and follows a brave princess named Merida, who confronts and challenges tradition, destiny and some pretty fierce beasts.  Throughout her journey she realizes the true meaning of courage.

The film features the voices of Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Julie Walters, Kevin McKidd, Robbie Coltrane, and Craig Ferguson.

Isn't This The Truth? Group Projects

So about two months ago they held a group project at work in order to achieve our annual goals for the department. The main topics were communication and what we would do in the event someone was out for a day or more.  Long story short, nobody really learned a damn thing.  Oh and btw, this chart is how our group project went down that afternoon.

Must Watch: Never Say No To Panda

When I saw these advertisements over a year ago, I swear my ass was laughing so hard I was crying.  The ads were for Panda cheese which came out with a successful advertising campaign that consisted of about five commercials. 
The videos are still on YouTube and have already received millions of views. In fact, they were handed awards from Cannes Lions.  And why wouldn’t they? The idea is courageous, some might even argue too bold (hence giving it even more value), and relatively unorthodox. They’re simply hilarious.

The campaign was created by Advantage Marketing & Advertising (who were understandably ecstatic with the award). 
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