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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Buckle Puffer

You pot smokers are gonna love this. LOL.  Look, sure it's for tobacco, but c'mon we know what it was truly made for.  And I don't condone smoking pot, but I think the pipe is rather cool.  So if you want one, you better pledge right away.  It's called the Buckle Puffer.  

The pipe is secured by a pair of magnets that slides into the belt buckle.  It's made of nickel-plated aluminum, double-barrelled and rustproof.  Feel free to watch the video, and stop watching after three minutes, because the rest of the video is ridiculous.  Unless you like watching chics with bathing suits. LOL.

I was actually quite impressed.  I used to smoke a pipe ions ago, and this would have been cool to have.  But I don't smoke anymore, so that's even more cool. :-)


We have come up with an innovative sylish and stealth way of carrying a tobacco pipe.
Through months of design, redesign, and testing we have developed our final prototype. The Buckle Puffer is machined from solid blocks of 6061 Aluminum, and then nickel plated in an FDA approved facility. The industrial hard Nickel plating gives the Buckle Puffer a bright shine, long lasting durability, and provides safety when smoking out of. The Buckle Puffer was designed with functionality and style in mind.  Two precisely offset Neodymium magnets (the strongest magnets on the market) are used to create a constant pull on the pipe producing a tight rattle free seal. In addition to the pull of these magnets, we've designed a latching system that utilizes the same magnetic field. The pipe can only be ejected when the magnetic powered release button is pressed. Unlike latches powered by unreliable springs, the magnetically powered latch can never wear out.
Additional features include:
  • Instant put out technology
  • Prevents emission of any noticeable odor due to extremely precise fit.
  • Deep reservoir
  • Double barrel intake
  • 100% boilable for easy cleaning
  • Made in USA
via The Buckle Puffer


Melissa Novak via Facebook said...

Ok it's super cool but not for that price. Geez if he wants to do well with it and appeal to the masses he should drop the price an get rid of the shirt. Nobody wants a shirt. Unless he throws the shirt in for free.

Peter Flores said...

Lol, he can't drop it any further, because he needs to pay for all the materials, and machinery that goes into making it. I usually pledge to these entrepreneurs because they are trying to get a product patented. So I know they really work hard. And the good thing about it is that it's made in the U.S.A. So anything made here of course is going to cost more. Unless you want it made in China or Taiwan. I just pledged to someone last week, because they need to reach their goals. If the product gets patented and placed on the market, he may be able to reduce the price. I'm trying to invent something right now, but it's just in the drawing stages.

Ryan said...

I can't wait for your youtube video showcasing your invention, my love. I bet we could make one funny infomercial together considering the product.

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