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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Megalopolis of the Ants - It is Truly a Wonder of the World

I found this video very interesting and I think you will too.  It seems to be a documentary from a few years back, but it's only 3 minutes long. 

It's amazing that a tiny creature such as the ant, can create a city under a city in just several months.

Imagine you're a researcher, and one day you come upon a rather large anthill.  Your first thought would probably be, "geez that's a huge ass hill," but not for Professor Louis Fortune.  He and a team of researchers were curious to see how hard these little ants really worked.  Well, lets just say, it took them 3 days and 10 tons of cement before they were able to stop filling these ant hills.

After the cement was left to dry for a month, the excavation process began; What they found was beyond comprehension.  

There they found subterranean highways connected to main chambers, fungus gardens and living quarters.  It was like a huge masterpiece, like an architect had gone in and done all the work.  Not only that, these ants carried 40 tons of soil to the surface in order to make this huge city.  It truly is a fascinating video. You'll enjoy it so much you'll wish there were more.

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Ryan said...

For all we know there's a structure very similar to that one right under our own house, considering all the ants we saw going under it yesterday. What cracks me up is that these scientists marvel at the ingenuity of these little creatures and just can't stop talking about how amazing these brilliant insect architects are. Now let's all go bury them alive in cement so we can witness how good a builder they all used to be. Really? For all we know this was just phase one of their massive construction project. Couldn't they have used something like radar or something else...I don't know...scientific.. to see their progress without cutting their plans short. Who knows how big it would have gotten, but now we'll never know. Poor little preserved ants. Of course I say this now after thoroughly encouraging the mass genocide of these little buggers under our own property. Oh well. Something tells me they'll always be more ants anyway.

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