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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brandon McInerney Can Go To Hell!

Brandon McInerney - Larry King
Lord Jesus, help me! I'm fucking pissed!

If it isn't horrific enough that Brandon McInerney walked into a classroom and shot a 15-yr-old boy in the back of the head; the jury couldn't decide if Brandon was guilty of murder.  Really?  Are you people really this fucking stupid?  There were witnesses for God's sake!  He walked into a classroom where there was a teacher, several students, and shot Larry King at point blank range.  What more do you fucking idiots want?!?!  He even went so far as to say that he wanted to kill him by shouting it through the hallways at school.

So Larry was different, he was a freak like everyone of you fucking bastards would probably call him, but he was most importantly a human being.  He was a kid who knew he was gay, liked to play with dolls and dresses, and probably annoyed some people, but why the fuck should you care?  Worry about your own fucked up lives is what I always say.
But oh no, this wasn't the worst part?  What?  What could be worse than killing a kid in the back of the head, you ask?

How about turning around at the parents of the deceased, grinning at them as the jury tells the judge they are unable to reach a verdict in the case?  Worse enough for you?  This was the most disgusting thing I read yesterday, so much so, that I couldn't bring myself to blog about it.

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Ryan said...

The gay panic defense, something so sicking to me that I want to cry thinking that even today, nearly 13 years after it was used in the murder trial of Mathew Shepard, it's still used to say that it's okay to kill someone that's gay if their sexuality intimidates you. Sexual harassment?!! Are you f*&king kidding me? All because he wore dresses, makeup and told the defendant, "What's up, baby?" in the school hallway. This condones the death of a child. Now, in the defense team's defense, they're not fighting for his innocence. They admitted that he killed him, but at the same time they're fighting for manslaughter, implying that after so much consistent gay harassment that the boy just snapped and had no idea what he was doing because he's a kid that had no parent supervision. Oh my God! The boy talked about killing Larry King to other classmates, they found Nazi paraphernalia in his home and the kid specifically planned to get a gun, bring it to school and then blow the brains out his classmate's head right in front of everybody. That's not an accident or anyone snapping. That's an intent to kill from someone who knows exactly what they're doing. With another trial possible I'm sure anything could still happen. It's not over yet for the possibility of justice for Larry King. This can not end with another conclusion that proclaims to the world that's it's okay to kill gays if they make you feel uncomfortable. Homophobia let these events come to pass but we can not continue it's progress by proclaiming a deliberate act of murder as an accident caused by the victim. We can not only tell the kids of this and future generations that being gay is okay, but we must also communicate to them that if at any point they're wronged in the eyes of the law for only being who they are, then the law will stick up for them and justice will be done. I read one comment which asked that if the roles were switched and Larry King would have killed the bullies that harassed him would you still feel the same? It's a difficult question considering that I went through much bullying over many years too and had and still have hatred for the people that did that to me. What's funny is that I don't remember wanting to ever hurt them. All I wanted to do was to kill myself so the constant pain would stop. So would I feel sorry if anyone died out of bullying, yes. Would I vote for manslaughter in that situation? I don't know. As hypocritical as that sounds let's remember something here. King was not attacking his bully everyday of school. He was either being himself or trying to stand up for himself against the bullying. Being gay or even coming onto another guy is not the equivalent or what out gay kids go through everyday through school. These kids aren't fighting back. They're not killing their bullies, they're killing themselves because they feel that there's no other way to end the pain. It is an ultimate tragedy that must stop. This case, however the turnout, will make an impact and a clear statement when it comes to homophobia and school bullying in our country. What that message is, is something that we'll all unfortunately still have to wait for. Lord Jesus, where's Nancy Grace when you really need her?

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