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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Must Watch: Set Fire To The Rain

Some of us get married thinking it will change who we are.  Some of us date girls or boys in high school to make our parents proud, or we don't want them finding out we're gay. Gay people often find themselves in this situation, and the fact that we're so afraid to come out - we hurt a lot of people in the process.  Straight and Gays alike should see this video, especially if you like music and dance.

I know that everyone is tired of hearing about Adele and Whitney, but this is not about them. 
Ryan shared this video with me this morning and asked if I had ever posted it on one of my blogs.  I hadn't, so I'm doing it now.  In the music video you have an Adele impersonator, 3 dancers, and a story of a man struggling with his sexuality, while a girl who thought she had everything, is now facing a struggle of her own.  It truly sets fire to the rain.
YouTube: The music video portrays a man struggling with his sexuality, while the girl in love with him fights to hold on as everything she thought she knew comes crashing down before her. The song speaks of a foolish love that's so hard to let go. This theme is not uncommon, most of us have been subjected to this type of unrequited love in some way, shape, or form. Whether gay or straight, single or taken, if you have not experienced this kind of pain, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

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Ryan said...

Thank you so much for posting this, my love. It's so beautiful and yet so sad. To know that so many couples have gone through this and that it always ends with someone being hurt and destroyed by it. You want to root for the gay couple to be together, but also can't forget that this women's life is being decimated by their love for each other. You want to blame the man for living a lie and not coming out, but in a society that has always commended homosexuality and, at times, led people to believe that they can change by denying their feelings and finding the right women, it's hard to make him or anyone out to be the villain in this story. It's a modern day tragedy, that's been going on since the beginning of civilization. The only way to stop it is by taking the idea of shame away from the fact of being gay by being proud, being open and being honest about ourselves. It's the only way to avoid these tragedies from ever happening again.

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