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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Voice Crowns It's First Winner

And the winner is....  

Really? Do I have to go there?  

Ugh, as I have stated all season, Javier Colon does nothing for me - he is just more of the same.  So instead of going for someone amazing and really outrageous, like Beverly, Dia, or Vicci, America chooses Javier?  And to think that only 2 percent of the votes separated the top two, is mind-boggling to me.  What a Hot Mess!  I'm sorry America, but you always get it wrong! Always!

About the only good thing about last night's results show, were the duets the finalists sung with people other than their coaches.  Beverly McClellan sang, "Good Life" with Ryan Tedder from One Republic, Dia Frampton sang, "The House That Built Me" with Blake Shelton's wife, Miranda Lambert, Vicci Martinez sang, "Drops of Jupiter" with Pat Monahan, the lead singer from Train, and Javier Colon sang, "Landslide" (how fitting) with Stevie Nicks.
Other than that, you can catch the Top 8 contestants, Xenia Martinez, Nakia, Frenchie Davis, Casey Weston, Javier, Dia, Beverly, and Vicci, as they kick off their summer tour in Los Angeles on July 27th.  Regardless of the ouctome, Ryan and I really did like the show, and we're looking forward to the second season in 2012.

Feel free to watch last night's duets after the jump if you're interested. Their coaches really did say some nice things to their young artists. Enjoy!

Javier Colon and Stevie Nicks - 'Landslide'

"I told Stevie Nicks I wouldn't cry on national television. I'm going to get through that and talk to you about other stuff. That was the coolest thing you've ever done other than have kids and get married. I'm pretty speechless. You just sang with Stevie Nicks and that's one of the most beautiful duets I've ever heard in my life." - Adam Levine to Javier Colon

Dia Frampton and Miranda Lambert - 'The House That Built Me'

"It finally hit me watching that, I know why I've got so emotional around you for the last couple of weeks. Watching you stand there and sing that song with my wife, it makes sense to me. You are family to me now and I love you. I'm so proud of you and so happy for you." - Blake Shelton (I teared up) to Dia Frampton

Vicci Martinez and Pat Monahan - 'Drops of Jupiter'

"I would like to thank Pat because I know how sensitive that song is for him and I appreciate him sharing that with you. Vicci, I love you so sincerely... We will forever be bonded because of this experience and we will never be severed by the scrutiny or status quo of the American voting public or anyone's opinion. I love you from the heart and I'll be there for you. You are a winner." - Cee Lo Green to Vicci Martinez

Beverly McClellan and Ryan Tedder - 'Good Life'

"You know everything I would possibly say about you. I love you so much. You are such a professional, you get up there and blow everyone away time and time again. I thank you for your hard work and belief and trust in me as a coach." - Christina Aguilera to Beverly McClellan


Casey said...

Dia should have won :-(

Ryan said...

My vote was always for Beverly, but as I said before, any of the top 8 could have won it and I would have been happy. Turned out to be a great show indeed.

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