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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a Hot Mess: Holy Exploding Eyeballs, Batman!

And people ask why I don't like going to the doctor, especially dentists and eye doctors!  Well, this is the reason why...

Imagine going to see your eye doctor, and he says to you, "Oh Billy Bob, it looks like you may need cataract surgery."

Okay, it doesn't sound too bad, right?  If it's going to help you see a little better, why not?  Mr. Jose Goncalves agreed, and before he knew it, his eye had exploded.  Well, not in that particular order, but far worse.

So Mr. Jose goes in for this fairly common procedure, when the resident doctor treating him didn't administer the anesthetic properly.  Instead of injecting the drug into the back of his eye like he's supposed to, he injects it directly into his eyeball.  And since, it didn't seem to be working like it should, he stops administering it...NOT!!!  Instead, he injects him with even more anesthetic, until his eye simply explodes!  Yeah, you read that right, EXPLODED!

Supposedly the resident doctor's training was "seriously inadequate."*coughs* no shit Sherlock - what a Hot Mess! Literally!
“It is clear that Dr. Wang’s training was seriously inadequate,” Bernard said. “This should have been a routine procedure as it is for countless people every day. When proper techniques are used, this particular complication should never occur.”
“Jose suffered excruciating pain after that botched surgery and continued to have severe pain for months afterward,” Bernard said. “The damage to the eye is obvious because his iris is missing and his eyelid droops. If anything should ever happen to the undamaged left eye, he could face total blindness.”
What did Jose get out of all this? Nearly $1 million dollars from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  He was a 60-year-old Army veteran.

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Ryan said...

But how much did he get from the doctors and is this doctor still practicing? Frivolous lawsuits? Yeah right. Next time you think the doctors are getting run over by "junk" lawsuits just ask yourself, "Do you really want to have your eye explode?" or better yet if it was your eye, your leg, or your loved one that got hurt, "Wouldn't you like to be compensated for the medical and emotional damage that has been done to you?"

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