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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Voice: Final Performances

You know I'm going to be straight-forward with you.  

All season long I've been saying how great The Voice has been with the production, time, and sets of the show, but last night's 2-hour-long fiasco was a bit much.

The coaches commenced the show with another performance by Queen, "Under Pressure." It really wasn't that great, and when you have to see them again on stage singing with their team finalist, it kinda makes you wonder, is this promotion really necessary?  Geez, the judges have gotten more airtime than the contestants.  They also had a Ne-Yo duet with Pit Bull, and a Brad Paisley performance on top of that.

For their final performance, each of the contestants sang an original song.  Many online sites, including my partner, Ryan, mentioned that they should have sang a cover instead of an original.  I could "maybe" agree with that, but then again, I can't.  If you would have given one of these original songs, to let's say, Adam Lambert, or hell, all of the judges - they would have belted these same songs out like there were no tomorrow.  Seriously, if you cannot take an original song, and make it your own, then you have some problems.

Let's watch the performances:

Javier Colon sang "Stitch by Stitch" written by Rodney Jerkins.  Honestly, I was falling asleep listening to this number.  First, the title sounds like something out of Disney's Lilo & Stitch, and finally, like I've said it all season long.  He's just "more of the same."  Nothing unique about his voice.  If he wins, its because of "fan favorites," and not-so-much "an out of this world" performance.

Vicci Martinez sang "Afraid To Sleep" written by Butch Walker. In my opinion, this was the worst of the night.  "Afraid To Sleep," really?  You probably had difficulty sleeping last night, after this hot mess.  At this point, I'm really disappointed with the contestants.

Dia Frampton sang "Inventing Shadows" written by Frasier T. Smith.  If I had to rank last night's performances based on this song, I'd have to say Dia would be in the top 2.

Beverly McClellan sang "Lovesick" written by Bill Appleberry. Obviously the best performance of the night, Beverly actually sang the song like all the others should have.  My guess is, favoritism will decide the winner, and not so much their talent.


Melissa Post Martin said...

I agree...anyone can sing a cover...Singing an original, they had to make it an instant hit!! I am kinda leaning toward Dia...

Peter said...

Yeah, I liked Dia's and Beverly's performance the best.

Chris Daniel said...

I have fallen way behind. I just started watching the Quarter finals. Just been so busy. I understand why they want them to do original songs, but at the same time I'm not sure about it. I'll just have to see what I think once I get there. I'm excited though. :-)"

Ryan said...

A great first season that didn't really end in a bang but that's okay. Like I said before, anyone of the final 8 deserved to win this as well as some of the others chosen earlier. There were no WTF contestants that had no talent but got through do to either looks or popularity, in my opinion, and ultimately that's what stood this show out from American Idol. Of course the selection process, coach competition and involvement with the contestants and even the elimination process in the end, leaving only one person from each team, is also what help made this show a tremendous hit. Despite the fact that my personal favorite didn't win, a talentless hack didn't beat her, so I'm not unhappy in the slightest bit. Just goes to show you that when the majority of the show's contestant decisions are made by people that know talent, you get talent. The public just can't be trusted. Can't wait for season two. Wonder if they'll keep all the judges or have new ones next time around.

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