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Thursday, February 23, 2012

WTF Has Obama Done? - Issue No. 018 - National Service

When we talk about National Service we automatically assume its about our volunteer programs for the Military, but in this particular case, it is about ensuring our children of the future are strengthened by national community service efforts.  Where we could use the help of volunteers on a variety of issues, from clean energy and health care to education.

"Our government can help to rebuild our economy ... [but] we need Americans willing to mentor our eager young children, or care for the sick, or ease the strains of deployment on our military families," President Obama said in April of 2009. [ref]

The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act — Expands the national volunteer program.
On April 21, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act at an elementary school in Washington DC (read more). The Serve America Act reauthorizes and expands national service programs administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service by amending the National and Community Service Act of 1990 (NCSA) and the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973 (DVSA).

Over a year later, volunteering is up, momentum is strong, and a new vision for service is taking effect. At a time of great need, Americans are answering President Obama’s call to serve. This landmark law is making America stronger by focusing service on key national issues; by expanding opportunities to serve; by building the capacity of individuals, nonprofits, and communities; and by encouraging innovative approaches to solving problems.

Created a Social Investment Fund Network.
During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to create the Social Investment Fund. Administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, an independent government agency, the fund would expand partnerships between the federal government, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropy organizations by increasing the resources available for programs that seek to provide solutions for issues such as crime, child development, civic engagement and resource conservation.

The ball started rolling on April 21, 2009, when President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act into law. Among other provisions, the act authorized the creation of the Social Investment Fund. [Read More-1, Read More-2]
In his campaign pitch to older Americans, Barack Obama promised to expand a volunteer program aimed at keeping seniors active in their communities.

The Senior Corps offers seniors ways to become involved in community service, including the Foster Grandparents program and the Senior Companions program, which enable seniors to teach children and help the elderly stay in their homes.

On April 21, 2009, President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, a large expansion of national service programs. In signing it, Obama fulfilled his campaign promise to fund a major expansion of AmeriCorps, which we wrote about in April.

The act also expanded the Senior Corps. It lowered the minimum age of eligibility for its Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions programs from 60 to 55, and increased the maximum hourly stipend offered as an incentive to volunteer from $2.45 to $3.

Other incentives were also created by the act, like a $1,000 education scholarship for seniors who complete 350 hours of service. Seniors can transfer the scholarship to their children or grandchildren.  [Read More]

I promise to come back to this topic in another issue, until then, please feel free to read my previous issues by clicking here.

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