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Friday, February 8, 2013

iDoctor: The Future of Healthcare

How much time does one spend at the doctor?  I'm going to say a good amount of time.  But the real question is - how much do you end up spending?  For many Americans a simple test can cost upwards of $800.00 according the video you're about to see.   Imagine taking a urine, saliva, blood, and EKG test from the comfort of your own home? It's possible, and according to one of the top cardiologist in the country, it will.

"Why do we have people being treated like cattle heard?  That's waste! And billions of dollars that's being wasted each year for screening, and the wrong drugs, and the wrong everything - it's outstanding! And we just can't go on like this." - Dr. Eric Topol
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Ryan said...

The next step in the evolution of technology will be bio technology, where the machine will not be separate from the body, but together. Where our cell phones and credit cards will be in our ears and fingers. Where nano technology will be stored permanently in our bodies, locating and fixing problems like injuries and cancer throughout our lives. We will live longer and be healthier, but in the end is that such a good thing? Were we made to be immortal or to one day die? Will Steve Jobs be one day know as the father of modern medicine? Only time will tell, and as long as global warming doesn't kill us all first.

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