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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Land of the Lost - Issue No. 008: Disneyland of China

Talk about absolutely creepy and cool at the same time.  Ever hear of the fake Disneyland of China?   Well, if you haven't here's a little synopsis courtesy of The Washington Post.
“Wonderland,” which is situated on a 100-acre plot of land 45 minutes outside of Beijing, was intended to be a huge tourist destination. But according to Reuters, construction was halted in 1998 when farmers and local government sparred over property prices. A small “town,’ the skeletal remains of a castle, and the metal framework of a huge pavilion are all that remain, and the site is completely open to explorers.
Wonderland Amusement Park was to be the largest Amusement park in all of Asia, but unfortunately it never came to existence. And probably a good thing; Farmers have taken over and planted crops on the abandoned property. This is just another example of wasted money and resources. Families were uprooted and moved, just to build something that never came to be.

Scroll down and see the various pictures I found online, and watch a creepy video by Catherine Hyland after the jump.
You can see more pics and a video after the jump...


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