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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can Texas Secede From The Union?

Our wonderful Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has threatened to secede from the Union many times, and yet this nut job doesn't know it never can.  Don't ask me why he's our Governor; I ask myself that every day.  Lol.  Actually, I'll tell you why, it's because of all the itty bitty towns you see in red to the West, North West, East and North East.  And a few in the South.

All that aside, one of my favorite YouTube Vloggers, CGPGrey is back.  He explains that by law, Texas can divide itself into 5 states, but secede?  Not so much.

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Ryan said...

LOL...North Texas, South Texas, East Texas, West Texas and Austin. We would then move to the free state of Austin. I always love his videos. So smart and hilarious. Yeah, I could definitely see many of our out of state liberal friends wanting this state to leave. Hell, sometimes I can't even stand many of its' ill conceived policies run by an idiot that was voted in by idiots. The fact is though that with its' faults it also has many promises like lots of available area to live, work and start a family in a climate that's lovely minus the occasional hurricane and constant humidity. This with its' thriving economy, and promise of jobs and lower taxes and costs of living, many outsiders have flocked to this state in a mass migration. The great news is that the people that are moving are coming from more expensive and liberal states, and they are not ashamed to bring their views with them. This state can only be the crazy conservative state for so long before its' changing population starts voting the other way, turning the state blue. It will happen. If things like gay marriage and immigration rights are no longer a party issue then it won't be too long before the conservative religious parts of the republican party just stop voting, as they're threatening to do now. Once that happens, along with cultural changes and time, Texas will be a thriving liberal state and Rick Perry will be a relic from the past. We will party when that day arrives. I cannot wait. Texas will not be its' own country. It's heading in the complete opposite direction to one day be just like the other large, liberal states in our country, and there's nothing that these conservatives can do about it except move. Problem is that the only countries that still share their views are third worlds parts of Africa and the middle east, and last time I checked most bible belt religious fanatics don't really like black or brown people. They could build a space ship and colonize another planet in their conservative image, but that would mean they'd have to believe in science first to actually accomplish such a feat. The only option I could think of left would be if God himself came down and brought them all up to heaven, which I'm sure they're all hoping for. Only, last time I checked, God didn't approve of haters. Tough luck people. Sucks to be you. Your time has past and our victory is nigh! Someone hit the play button to Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" already.

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