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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Morning Coffee Break: Define Me

I'm going out of the norm for today's issue of Saturday Morning Coffee Break.  I'm featuring a music video by singer/ songwriter, Ryan Amador that is absolutely amazing.  He sings alongside Jo Lampert in a duet that is both powerful and moving.  The song is titled, "Define Me".   

Trust me, making you cry is not something I want to do, but this will be especially emotional for those who have ever been bullied or blasted with gay slurs growing up.  And this will be emotional for those straight folks with a heart and soul, who may have contemplated saying these things once, and regret ever doing so. But finally, this is for those Christians who know loving your fellow brother is something Jesus asked them to do, and yet, don't understand why their fellow worshipers are so full of hate and contempt for those who wish them no harm.

The video features Amador and Lampert stripping down to their underwear revealing gay slurs and negative stereotypes across their arms, legs, and chest.  It ends with them washing away the words and sharing a smile.  

Once again, it is absolutely amazing; I just love it.  And this why it is today's Saturday Morning Coffee Break.  And rightly so.
Grab your java, sit down and enjoy.

Published on Apr 18, 2013

Ryan Amador (featuring Jo Lampert)
"Define Me"
Director Tom Gustafson
Editor Cory Krueckeberg
DP Sergei Krasikov
Add'l Camera Jacqueline Patchen

The song DEFINE ME was released exclusively on Ryan Amador's bandcamp (http://www.ryanamador.bandcamp.com/) in conjunction with Ryan's live performance at the True Colors LGBT Youth Conference on March 22nd. It was produced by David Baloche for Grove Street Studios. 100% of its proceeds will be donated to organizations actively involved with the LGBT equality campaign. http://www.ryanamador.com/

Tom Gustafson (Director) is the director of the award-winning films WERE the WORLD MINE & MARIACHI GRINGO and founder of SPEAKproductions.

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I can't stop... Where do find all of these touching videos that just keep making me cry? Love you bunches. Our personalities may be different at times, but we'll always have the same heart. It's why I fell in love with you and why I plan to be with you 'till our dying day.

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