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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gay Movies to Watch: Judas Kiss

Name one adult film actor you'd want to play with.  No? Really...name one.

Ninety percent of you would probably say, Sean Paul Lockhart.  

He's better known as Brent Corrigan to all you gay boys, and straight ones who've always been curious. 

I can honestly say, I've watched every film he's made, from amateur to professional, and boy does he deliver.  He has also starred in several well-known gay movies from "Milk," "Another Gay Sequel," to "The Big Gay Musical," and countless others I was not aware he was in.

In either case, I'm not going to lie...  I've had a crush on him since forever.  He is so freaking delicious.  

Turning 26 in October, Sean has been trying to cross over from adult to professional film acting for quite some time, but this is something very difficult to accomplish.  Fortunately for him, due to some very good reviews on the upcoming release of Judas Kiss, Lockhart has managed to garner a lot of attention. Especially from Michael Hinman who gives a spoiler-free review that you can check out here.
"They say that porn stars can't act, and from what I hear from people who watch porn, that's definitely true.

But there are always exceptions, and Lockhart is one of them. He is making some serious efforts to cross over to mainstream film. While his role in "Another Gay Sequel" as a merboy might have shown he can stretch his legs a little bit, his portrayal of fellow film student Chris Wachowsky proves that with some more training, he could really make a run for it.

Sadly, his past will always haunt him and cost him work. It's a horrible double-standard in my opinion. Actors like Colin Ferrell can "accidentally" release hardcore sex tapes with the production values that a dead person could top, yet he continues to work. Why can't that go both ways ... especially if you have the talent to do it.

I was impressed with Lockhart's work in the film. And there's something about him that really draws you into a scene."

WATCH THE OFFICIAL Judas Kiss film festival trailer! The 01:30-minute long trailer introduces the magical campus of Keystone Summit University, as well as the film’s main characters:
  • Washed-up filmmaker Zachary Wells (Charlie David)
  • Hot young film student Danny Reyes (Richard Harmon)
  • His best friend Abbey Park (Julia Morizawa)
  • The two guys vying for Danny: fellow filmmaker Chris Wachowsky (Brent Corrigan) and the rich Shane Lyons (Timo Descamps)

In this clip, film students Chris (Brent Corrigan) and Danny (Richard Harmon) steal away for a private moment in the woods at Keystone Summit University.

To read more about the movie and what it entails, you can check out Michael Hinman's review here or visit judaskissmovie.com


Ryan said...

Awwww, I really want to see this gay movie. It actually looks good! I'm so happy. Not another Indie crapfest that we have to like because it's gay, "cutting edge" and pro us. Give me a break. The "Where's Waldo" of movies rentals in the video store is a thing of the past. Gay movies are being sh!tted out like yesterdays corn on the cob from little production companies everywhere. Just because they're gay doesn't mean they get a free pass now. They should rightfully compete with other titles to become more than just a gay movie, but an excellent film anyone can see and wants to see. Well, anyone that doesn't mind some raunchy gay sex here and there. Not all of our Friends of Dorothy genre is crap, some is excellent, but it's time that a higher standard be put into effect and practiced consistently. I'm eager to see if this movie is as good as it looks. Hopefully I'll be impressed, but we'll have to wait and see.

Ryan said...


Brent Corrigan was in Milk?

Blade said...

LOL, yes, check your IMDB my love.LOL

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