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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Coffee Break: James

Today's Saturday Morning Coffee Break is quite powerful.  After watching the film for the first time I was quite upset, but after watching it a second time I came to understand it's sad reality.  I can't remember the amount of times I wish I could find someone to help me.  I prayed to God every night hoping he would "fix" me - And never got an answer.  I felt ashamed for being who I was and didn't know how to tell my parents.  As each year passed the hope never came, and telling my parents became an even harder taskI didn't tell my parents until I was 25 years old, and upon learning the news they were devastated.  Not only because I kept this secret for so long, but the fact I went to others thinking it would help me, and all they did was use me for their gratification.

There's a lot I want to say about the short movie you're about to see, but I don't want to spoil it or give a way it's plot.  I would like to hear any of your comments and maybe then I can voice my opinion.

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Daniel Gutierrez via Facebook said...

Lord I remember that day!

Jessie Mackey via Facebook said...

t broke my heart. He had no one. He was never touched, never held, never told he was loved. Even tho he was not mistreated he was ignored and felt all alone and even tho it was never said to him directly he knew he was not wanted. We all need to be touched, held, feeling the warmth of love. A terrible thing to be in a home where he was not wanted... fed, schooled but never interacted with or touched. His mother wanted to help, to reach out but I felt she didn't have the tools to understand or to help. She obviously cared but had her own issues dealing with a loveless marriage and lonliness herself. So very sad. I understood the teacher's reluctance to be involved tho he wanted to help it was obvious.. but he knew society would have eaten them both alive. But I also understand this sad and lonely child turning to the only human connection that was offered. I am eager to hear your opinion Peter.

Rafe Rodriguez via Facebook said...

That was hard to watch. Just really makes you want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone you know. It was hard to watch be agar this actually happens and it's truly heart breaking.

Ryan said...

It is a sad reality, knowing that you're different but having no one to confide in about it. I always knew, not thought or questioned, but knew that if I told anyone I was gay, I would loose them. I would have no family, no friends, no one at all to be there for me. So what was the point of going on living if I would be alone and hated all my life. I went through it and so do most LGBT teens out there. Fortunately for me, I survived. Some don't. It's so nice to see, nowadays, TV shows, groups, online organizations, movies, and many other straight people out there saying that it's OK to be gay and we will love you no matter what. I honestly believe many more lives are saved today, then have ever been before, simply because of that. Sadly the suicides still happen, so it is always important, just like that other blog about the subway preacher, to stand up and show love and support. These kids truly need it, especially until they can stand up for themselves and make it on their own.

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