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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Morning Coffee Break: Silver Road

It's time to brew yourself some coffee, kick-back, relax and watch another issue of Saturday Morning Coffee Break.

I posted this video on MySpace four years ago, and the issue focuses on two young men, Danny and Mark who have been friends all their lives until one day they find themselves in the awkward position of saying goodbye to one another.

While many may argue that there's already too many films where one guy  comes out and destroys a friendship - it still happens.  It still happens because our society allows it to happen.  Yes, it's getting easier and easier to come out as each year passes, but there are millions who are still keeping this tiny little secret - and some way into their marriages.  The film, written and directed by Bill Taylor is really good, and I encourage anyone to watch it.

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Ryan said...

So very sad, but it happens all the time. I remember coming out to one of my straight guy friends that I totally had a crush on back in high school. I told him and we never really spoke after that. Most people who have never been a gay kid growing up will have no idea about how hard it is. The fear of loosing the family you love as well as all of your friends. Then on top of that, you risk no only the possibility of rejection when asking another guy out, but also getting harassed or physically hurt if the wrong straight guy takes offense to that. I made an argument in an earlier blog post that the internet and current technology has saved many LGBT kid's lives by not only helping them learn more about what they're going through, and how there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but also how it gave all of us a way to now communicate and find each other in a much safer environment. Adolescents growing up in the closet will usually have a first crush that is not reciprocal, but at least our cultural is becoming more accepting so that the hopefully the answer to a gentle kiss is simply "no thank you" instead of "I'm gonna kill you, you f@#king faggot." To every gay kid out there reading this: Appreciate what you've got because though it still might not be easy now, it's a lot better then what generations of gays ago had to deal with. But despite of it all, thank God, time is on our side and it is only getting better for us all.

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