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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BLOG 3,000 and Counting.....

Wow, I can't believe I've hit another milestone.  This is my 3000th blog post.  And I want to use it by reflecting on my 1000th post, titled "BLOG 1,000 and Counting.....".  I originally posted this on my old MySpace blog account, and in it I shared some predictions to my readers.  Was I right about any of them????

I wrote the post on December 15, 2007, a year before the 2008 Election.  I was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter during the primaries, and ended up voting for Barack Obama in November.  I gave an account as to how many justices would be retiring, how it would be harder for us gays if Huckabee or Romney were elected and the importance of the 2008 election.

So without further ado, here is that post...

1,000 BLOGS

and Counting.....

As I embark on another journey to blogland, I hope to accomplish so much more in the coming New Year.  And as we reflect on the past and focus on the journey we have taken together this past year; there's one, very important topic, that will mark my 1,000th celebration.

Throughout the year I have blogged about gay marriage, the environment, health issues, love, politics, religion, how to seduce straight boys , comedy, sports, romance, hot guys and even more hot guys.  The list can go on forever because I pretty much covered everything.  And throughout this journey on MySpace I have met so many unique people who made a difference in my life and have built new friendships along the way.

Gay or Straight - we are all one and the same - people with hearts, a soul and a mind.

After going through all your messages and suggestions - 17 of you brought up the subject of our nation and it's current situation and what I thought of it.  Some of you mentioned Obama, Ron Paul, Rudy Guiliani, Mike Huckabee and Hillary Clinton.  But the most important thing that caught my attention was, "Hey Peter, where do you think you'll be in the next 8 years as a gay man?"  And to tell you the truth, it really scares me.

I'm scared to face reality as we see it today. 

The fact that our world is deteriorating is unimaginable.  But its the fact of knowing that our kids will have to endure the pain and suffering that comes with a dying world that scares me.

The fact that we will see three supreme court justices retiring within the next 8 years is incomprehensible.  I can't imagine a world where every ammendment can be overturned to suit a party.  Or a law made to suit their own needs or beliefs.

The fact that as Republicans and Democrats we cannot resolve the issues that face our nation is unbelievable.  When will there ever be common ground?

In honor of those who read my blogs everyday and to those who sent all your messages requesting I talk about this

Today's 1,000th Blog is about...

...the Upcoming Election

The world we live in today is not an easy one.  Many of you have have read my blogs or heard me talk politics before and I've stated my positions very clear in the past.  But if you're gay and still trying to find yourself, it is very important that you pay attention.  Nothing against my conservative friends, because I have many; but if you vote, please vote for a Democratic candidate.  It is so important that you do, because unfortunately, the way the system works today, for gay people this is the only route we can take.  There are only two Republicans that I can think of that I wouldn't feel uncomfortable with if they became President; and that is Rudy Guiliani and Ron Paul.  They have far more liberal views than the other Republican nominees.

If we elect Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney as our next President, we are in for a world of hurt.  Not only will these two individuals make sure 3 neo-conservatives are elected to the high court, our nation will change dramatically over the next 4 years and beyond.  We are looking at a President far worse than Bush could ever be.

This election is important, if not, the most important election of our time.  Most of us will look back on this election and wonder if our decision was the right one.

Read about your candidates and this election every chance you get.  You may not find politics important, but it is what this nation and this world is based upon.  It is no longer just about religion, it is about our future.

You may find it boring or ridiculous, but what will you do if you get arrested and placed in prison for having sex with your partner?   If the Sodomy Laws were overturned, having sex in the privacy of your own home would be a crime, moreso for the gay man.  And if you're father is a farmer, which mine is.  And he only makes 80,000 a year, he is not allowed any subsidies.  Why?  Oh because they only go to the farmer that makes 600,000 a year.  What ever happened to helping the low-income farmer?

Don't even let me get started on Education.  No Child Left Behind should be scrapped!!!   And you may not realize it, but as I was watching Boston Legal the other day, I learned that we are 2nd to the last in education around the world, with Mexico being the last.

My sister (Democrat turned Republican), says that the only reason I would vote for Hillary or any of the Democratic candidates is because of the gay thing.  And you know what, I'm proud to say that it's all about the gay thing.  Because we would be demoralized in this country if we voted any other way.  I wish that Republicans didn't have such a harsh way of dealing with the gay issues, because I really do like some of them.  But it isn't all about the "gay thing".  It's about so much more.  It's about women's rights, healthcare, the war, our economy, education - the list goes on.

I can list all the issues that affect us and what this election represents, but if I did, this post would be never-ending.  It has been a pleasure blogging throughout this past year and I hope to continue doing it for some time.  Thank you for all your support, friendship and comments and hope that even though we may not agree on certain issues we still understand one thing.

We are all human.


- it may be the single, most important thing you will ever do.


Thank you for reading my blogs and the many messages you have sent me.  I hope to still be doing this by the time I reach my 2,000th Blog.

And that was how I concluded my 1000th blog post. It's crazy how much has changed in the last 5 years, and for the better. There's not enough space on this blog to write how much President Obama has helped Ryan and I over the last 5 years, but suffice it to say, it's overwhelming.  Maybe I'll save that for when he leaves office and Hillary becomes President. :-)

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Ryan said...

Happy blog anniversary, my love! I had no idea how many of these you did. Well, I knew you did a lot of them but it's crazy that there are already thousands of them created over the years. I'm so proud of you, my love. You're an excellent writer and the subjects of your blogs are always either hilarious, smart, moving, political, sensual, disgusting or just downright wrong in all the right ways. Love you bunches and congratulations babe. Now you just need to go pick out your top 20 blogs from past years, though that may take a very long time to do.

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