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Friday, August 19, 2011

God Help Us If Texas Governor, Ricky Perry is Elected...

Scientists are a fabric of our society.  We have what we have in our hands (cell phones), because of Scientists.  Almost everything we own in our lives is because Science was involved. 

After a reporter gives him a huge breakdown on Global Warming and his position regarding it, our Texas Governor, Rick Perry, and I use "our" lightly, claims that scientists invented global warming to make money.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Governor.  And keep in mind, our state has been in extreme drought for over 6 months!  As I was driving in The Woodlands last week, trees everywhere were dying, trees planted by highways dead, and beautiful landscapes gone!  Yeah, we live in a make-belief land.

Hasn't America learned their lesson by electing another dumbass from Texas?  Seriously, how much more stupid can this country get?  God help us all!

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Ryan said...

Oh my God I can't listen to this mess. It's not even a hot mess it's so bad, it's just a mess. I agree my love, Bush 2.0, is not what this country needs. I am really worried what will happen nearly a year from now come election day. Obama better get his act together if he wants another term because he sure as hell won't get it unless he fights hard and really shows us that he wants it.

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